Friday, 1 August 2014

Israeli Soldier Feared Kidnapped In Gaza

The Israeli military has said one of its soldiers is feared to have been kidnapped during clashes with Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip.
The serviceman has been named as Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, 23, from Kfar Saba.

Fighting broke out around two hours into a three-day ceasefire which was later declared over by Israel.

The US and UN said the truce was aimed at "giving innocent civilians a much-needed reprieve from violence".

But at least 50 Palestinians are thought to have been killed today and there have also been a number of Israeli casualties.
Israeli tanks shelled the southern town of Rafah, according to Palestinian officials.

An Israeli government spokesman said artillery was fired in response to a "serious incident" on the border in the Kerem Shalom region while the army said a heavy exchange of fire had erupted.

Israel said a number of rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza as both sides accused each other of breaking the temporary truce, which began at 8am (6am UK time).

"Once again, Hamas and the terror organisations in Gaza have blatantly broken the cease-fire to which they committed, this time before the American Secretary of State and the UN Secretary General," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said.

Israel's ground forces were remaining in place during the truce and vowed to continue destroying cross-border tunnels they say the Hamas militant group uses to try to launch attacks.
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Thursday, 31 July 2014


Hamas Call For 'Day Of Rage' In West Bank Friday

Hamas in the West Bank has called on Palestinians from all factions to participate in a "Day of Rage" against the IDF and settlers throughout the West Bank Friday.

They called on Palestinians to take to the streets at the end of Friday prayers.

Philippines To Ferry Workers Out Of Libya After Beheading, Rape

                    Smoke billows from a petrol depot that has been ablaze for the fourth day following clashes between rival militias near the airport in the Libyan capital Tripoli on July 30, 2014
Smoke billows from a petrol depot that has been ablaze for the fourth day following clashes between rival militias near the airport in the Libyan capital Tripoli on July 30, 2014 (AFP Photo/Mahmud Turkia)
The Philippines is to charter ferries to speed up the removal of 13,000 nationals from Libya, officials said Thursday a day after a Filipina nurse was abducted and gang-raped there.

The foreign ministry on Thursday confirmed the sexual assault of the woman in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Wednesday.

It occurred 10 days after discovery at a hospital in the port of Benghazi of the beheaded remains of a Filipino construction worker who had been abducted earlier.

"We condemn these crimes that have been committed against our people," President Benigno Aquino's spokesman Herminio Coloma told reporters in Manila.

The woman was seized outside her residence and taken to an unknown location, where she was sexually assaulted by up to six youths, foreign department spokesman Charles Jose told reporters.

She was released about two hours later and a Filipino consular team took her to hospital for treatment, he added.

The Philippines ordered all 13,000 of its citizens to leave Libya following the beheading, with a consular team organising evacuation by land to neighbouring Tunisia and Egypt.

However, only just over 700 had left Libya by Wednesday, according to a foreign ministry tally, despite the rapidly deteriorating situation, with warring militias battling for control of key population centres.

The Philippines has also barred its nationals from travelling to Libya.
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Congress Votes To Sue Obama For Violation Of Constitutional Powers

Are you willing to let anyone tear apart what our founders have built?”
WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to sue President Obama for overstepping the powers of the presidency — a move that has angered conservatives who call it insufficient, emboldened Democrats who say Republicans are being vengeful, and further eroded much of what is left of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.
Are you willing to let any president choose what laws to execute and what laws to change? 
In a 225-to-201 party-line vote, Republicans authorized the House to move forward with a lawsuit against Mr. Obama for his application of the Affordable Care Act, which they argue has been selective and intended to delay the law’s most undesirable aspects.
During a pointed, impassioned hour-long debate, Republicans accused the president of flouting the law and breaking a solemn constitutional oath. They summoned lessons from the American Revolution and the Bible.
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Obama Refuses To Say The Name Of Jesus Christ In Response To Heckler


Obama unable or unwilling to say the Name of Jesus

“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians 2:10,11
Interesting exchange between Barack Obama and a woman at a speech the president was giving in Kansas City. CBS News St. Louis reported that a woman interrupted his speech by shouting out “Jesus is the Lord of Israel”. Obama responded with “I’m sorry what you hollering about?” Obama asks the woman, as the crowd noise picks up to drown her out. He then casually replied, “I believe in God. Thanks for the prayer. Amen. Thank you.”
Now That He’s President, Obama No Longer Pretends To Be Christian. Click for more…
But his answer did not reference what the woman said. She used the Name of Jesus Christ, she was not referring to God the Father. The reason why this critical distinction is so important is because nearly every religion in the world uses the word “God” when referring to the god they worship. For example, if you were having a conversation with, say, a Sunni Muslim, and mentioned that “God loves them”. They would smile and nod, while in their mind equating “God with Allah”, the moon god of ancient paganism. But if you told that same person that they needed to believe in Jesus Christ or face the fires of an eternal Hell one day, they would be highly insulted because they do not accept Jesus Christ as God as the bible declares him to be. But the use of the word “God” as a near-generic term offends almost no one.

So today, when the lady shouted out that “Jesus is the Lord of Israel”, Obama should have affirmed her statement in the positive  by saying  “Jesus Christ is my Saviour, too”. Because that’s what a Christian would have done…
But he didn’t, because he isn’t, and it’s glaringly obvious.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

In Leaked Tape, Hostile Obama Tries to Force PM to Accept Truce

US president markedly unfriendly, interrupted prime minister as he attempted to push unfavorable truce on Israel.

Barack Obama in Jerusalem
Barack Obama in Jerusalem
Damning evidence has emerged of US President Barack Obama's dismissal of Israel's position in favor of supporting the position of Hamas and its allies during ceasefire talks.

A "senior US official" leaked an audio recording of a telephone conversation between Obama and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Channel One. In it the 35-minute conversation, which took place on Sunday, the US President appears downright hostile at points, and even cuts off Netanyahu in the middle of his protestations over a one-sided truce proposal which would have seen Hamas receive all its key demands, but that Israel ultimately rejected.

The following is an excerpt of the conversation, published in Hebrew by Channel One:

Obama: I demand that Israel agrees to an immediate, unilateral ceasefire and halt all offensive activities - particularly airstrikes.

Netanyahu: What will Israel receive in return for a ceasefire?

Obama: I believe that Hamas will stop firing rockets - silence will be met with silence.

Netanyahu: Hamas violated all five previous ceasefires, it is a terrorist organization which is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Obama: I repeat and expect Israel to unilaterally stop all its military activity. The pictures of destruction from Gaza distance the world from Israel's position.

Netanyahu: Kerry's proposal was completely unrealistic and gives Hamas the military and diplomatic advantage.

Obama: Within a week of the end of Israel's military activities, Qatar and Turkey will begin negotiations with Hamas on the basis of the 2012 understanding [following the end of Operation Pillar of Defense - ed.], including Israel's commitment to removing the siege and restrictions on Gaza,

Netanyahu: Qatar and Turkey are the biggest supporters of Hamas. It is impossible to rely on them to be fair mediators.

Obama: I trust Qatar and Turkey, and Israel is in no position to choose its mediators.

Netanyahu: I object, because Hamas is able to continue and to fire rockets and to use tunnels for terror attacks...

Obama - interrupts Netanyahu mid-sentence: The ball is in Israel's court - it is obligated to end all military activities. 

The Channel One journalist who received the tape emphasized that at other points during the conversation there were more "positive" word exchanged between the two, such as Obama repeating America's commitment to Israel's security.

But those words will ring hollow to Israelis, considering that the proposal put together by John Kerry, Qatar and Turkey did not address a single one of Israel's demands and - as alluded to by Obama himself - relied on little more than the goodwill of Hamas to stop firing rockets.
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